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“A Kid Like Me” Campaign: Meet Eli

The Children’s Dyslexia Centers announce the latest fundraising campaign, "A Kid Like Me," celebrating 15,000+ children served by our local tutoring Centers.
FB Post - Eli- AKLM 2022

The Children’s Dyslexia Centers are excited to announce the latest fundraising campaign for June, known as “A Kid Like Me.”  This campaign celebrates our 15,000+ children served by our local tutoring Centers and helps to raise funds in support of these life-changing programs.

Eli is just one face of “A Kid Like Me.”  His mother shared with us the incredible transformation he has undergone since enrolling in his local Children’s Dyslexia Center:

“Eli is always happy to share his experiences with others, openly sharing about his ADHD and dyslexia. After receiving support from his local CDC, Eli says he’s ‘doing great!’ A young student who didn’t have a strong affinity for reading, school, or even himself, he is now a proud and capable reader thanks, in part, to the Children’s Dyslexia Center(s).”

Throughout first grade, Eli hated school. He didn’t know his ABCs, couldn’t write or spell well, and thought little of himself because of the challenges he was facing. Getting into trouble and falling behind his friends was continuously frustrating for a young and curious learner (student). Despite the efforts of his supportive and enthusiastic teachers, Eli struggled. Though he faced challenges with written language, Eli is incredibly articulate and expressive, always open to telling stories about his experiences – positive or negative.

“Neuropsychological testing showed that Eli was ‘twice-gifted,’ a term used to describe smart kids who have significant learning disabilities and ADHD; when we were steered toward the CDC, Eli’s life changed forever,” his mother said.

Over the past few years, Eli has received one-on-one tutoring for two hours a week. The tutoring curriculum is built specifically for Eli – for where he is and where he can go.

Eli’s mother cannot praise his tutor, Mary, enough, saying that she has an intuitive ability to gently steer and re-direct Eli forward.   From the outside, Eli’s mother relayed that it feels like Mary is a magician and with a flip of a wand, has taught Eli to read.  But the truth to his success is not magic.  The combination of the curriculum, a dedicated and gifted tutor, and Eli’s hard work have paid off.

“Eli is now in third grade and reading at a sixth-grade level at the 90th percentile compared to other children in the U.S.  Even more importantly, Eli now loves to read. He spends hours doing so every time he is able. His newfound love of books has brought him to new worlds and he’s thriving in school. This is a skill and a love that will serve Eli forever. My son is so proud of himself. My family cannot thank the CDC and Eli’s tutor enough for the life-changing shift we’ve seen in such a short time.”

Help children like Eli uncover their skills and develop a life-changing love of reading. Give today at