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Children’s Dyslexia Centers, Inc.: A New Look and New Leadership


For 25 years, the Children’s Dyslexia Center (CDC), one of the four charities of the Scottish Rite Benevolent Foundation, has worked to provide children with dyslexia educational support and confidence. Offering one-on-one tutoring and educator certification, the CDC has become a national leader in the effort to help children and their families deal with the challenges presented by dyslexia through the Orton-Gillingham multisensory method.

Since the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction opened the first Children’s Dyslexia Center in Massachusetts in 1994, it has expanded to 13 states with 43 Centers and two satellite tutoring locations. In that time, the organization has continuously worked to equip children with the skills and the confidence they need to approach learning with eagerness and without fear.                       

Today, we at the 32° Scottish Rite Freemasonry are thrilled to share that the next chapter of the Children’s Dyslexia Center has officially begun. From its new branding and logo to the freshly designed website and new leadership, the CDC is poised to carry on its mission with renewed strength, making a difference to new generations of children in need.

Group of smiling students running down a school hallway

New website 

A crucial part of sharing the CDC’s new branding with the world and moving it forward is a modernized website. The new online home of the CDC better visually reflects the amazing work being done throughout the organization while providing helpful digital resources for parents, highlighting upcoming events, and housing a simplified online donation form.

Our Brand

Inspired by the Tree of Knowledge, the leaves on the new logo symbolize the growth and depth every student in the program goes through. It is that very growth that creates a center’s branch of leaves which is supported by a base that is the Scottish Rite Masonic Fraternity and supporters.

New leadership

David L. Sharkis,
Director of Operations

Along with the new branding rollout, we are pleased to introduce Brother David L. Sharkis, 33°, as the new Director of Operations for the Children’s Dyslexia Centers, Inc. He brings to the centers a varied and impressive background of more than 30 years in engineering, quality control, and talent management. He spent the last seven years in the technical arena at UTC Aerospace Systems.

Brother Sharkis’ role is to ensure the CDC continues to provide best-in-class tutoring and training programs for impacted children. Dave has worked on behalf of our dyslexia centers in Connecticut for two decades, and is now dedicating himself full-time as director of operations to help “reboot” the CDC and guide it into a new phase of growth.

Looking Ahead

The Children’s Dyslexia Center is nationally recognized for its outstanding work over the past 25  years. Today, with its new leadership and revitalized branding, the organization is poised to move ahead and grow in this new chapter. Children from across the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction will continue receiving the world-class from the CDC as it helps them learn to read — and reach their full potential.

Millions of children with dyslexia endure frustration and demoralization every single day as they struggle to acquire skills that many of us take for granted. Your support can help make a difference. Interested in donating to the Children’s Dyslexia Center? Click Here