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Corporate Headquarters

Children’s Dyslexia Centers, Inc. 
33 Marrett Road Lexington, MA 02421 
Toll Free: (877) 861-0528 
Fax: (781) 862-4514 


David L. Sharkis, Director of Operations 
Carin M. Illig, M.Ed., Clinical Director 
Cindy Allen-Fuss, M.Ed, Associate Clinical Director
Dan Quattrocchi, Assistant Director of Operations 
                              Payroll Administrator 

Susan Goldberg, Communications Coordinator

Donna Broderick, Administrative Assistant

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Board of Directors

Officers and Directors
Walter F. Wheeler, President 
L. Arby Humphrey,  Vice President 
Kenneth A. Clay, Treasurer 
Donald R. Heldman, Secretary 
David Barnes
Steven Smith
Henry A. Haisch, Jr.
Tiffany Hogan, Ph.D.
Larry Plasket 
Steven C. Stefanakos
Howard D. Turner
Robert J. Bateman
G. Nicholas Graff
Karen J. Avrit
Mary Farrell

Dyslexia Center Locations

There are more than 40 Children’s Dyslexia Centers in 13 states. Each Dyslexia Center is administered by its own director, has its own staff, and is governed by a volunteer Board of Governors that is broadly representative of the community in which the Center is located. All Centers fall under a single not for profit 501 (c)(3) Massachusetts corporation. Although each is administered by a Center Director and governed by a Board of Governors, they are all subject to standard operational and clinical policies and procedures established by the Corporate Board of Directors. This centralization of policies and procedures ensures that the quality of our services remains high even as the number of our Centers grows.