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Campaign & Fundraising Resources

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Campaign toolkit

Introduction to toolkit materials and steps for hosting your Center's own A Kid Like Me campaign.

Ambassador Guide

Introduce your supporters to the ways they can help fundraise on your Center's behalf with this peer-to-peer fundraising guide.

A campaign for dyslexia awareness

In conjunction with National Dyslexia Awareness Month, Children’s Dyslexia Centers is inviting people to celebrate the more than 14 million children in the United States with dyslexia as part of an exciting new fundraising campaign – A Kid Like Me.


To help local Centers connect with supporters when in-person gatherings aren’t always possible, we have prepared a set of virtual tools, templates, and imagery for you to use and share with your communities.

Download the Complete Campaign Toolkit

The complete A Kid Like Me Toolkit with materials and guides.

Toolkit materials

DCC Leaf Logo

Communications Calendar

Recommended digital release schedule for email and social media.

Campaign Page

Everything you'll need to create an online campaign page.


Customizable templates for engaging potential donors.

Social Posts

Collection of student profiles and stories for social media.


Official campaign logos for light and dark backgrounds.

MailChimp Support

Video and step-by-step instructions for using MailChimp.

Core Images

Multi-purpose supplemental stock images.

Header Files

Header images for Facebook, GoFundMe, and MailChimp.

Campaign Posters

Customizable posters to hang in your Center and community.

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