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Ways to Give

Sponsor a Child

What is Sponsor a Child?

Dyslexia is not curable, but it can be overcome successfully. This miracle is happening daily at our Children’s Dyslexia Centers.


Every year, it costs approximately $5,000 to tutor one child at our Children’s Dyslexia Centers, but the results are priceless. Students see their reading and spelling skills greatly improve, but more importantly, their attitudes change and their self-esteem grows.


With your tax-deductible donation of $5,000 you can become a sponsor and help support a child’s tutoring at one of our 40+ tutoring locations.

Student reading to his teacher

Start a Sponsorship Today!

To begin Sponsoring a Child, please reach out to your local Dyslexia Center. Their information can be found under Our Centers. Alternatively, you can reach out to our central development office:

(781) 862-4410

PO Box 519

Lexington, MA 02420

In recognition of your generosity, each sponsor will receive a certificate of sponsorship from the local center. Also, the name of each sponsor will be remembered on a commemorative star proudly displayed at the center.


You can be confident that your commitment is going to where it belongs… to the children who need it the most.

Become a Co-Sponsor

Help a New Child Every Year

Not able to commit $5,000, but still want to help fund a child’s tutoring? Consider becoming a Co-Sponsor by making a gift of $2,500 to cover half of the expenses for one child.

Grow your impact by making your gift recurring! By making a $5,000 gift on an annual basis you help a new child each year. In doing so, you help more and more of your community achieve academic success with each passing year.