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Boston North
Children's Dyslexia Center

Boston North
Children's Dyslexia Center​

Diane Baum
(978) 710-1261
79 Dutton Street
Lowell, MA 01852
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Our Story

Since 2004, The Boston North Children’s Dyslexia Center has provided on-site tutoring to hundreds of children with dyslexia in grades 1-12 at no cost to families. We are a non-profit organization supported by community donations, local fund-raising initiatives & grants and are part of a network of 47 learning centers nationally. The Boston North Center offers certification courses to educators who desire to become experts in the delivery of literacy instruction rooted in the science of reading.

Our Expertise
Our tutors are certified by IMSELC (the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council) and trained to provide children with personalized, lessons based in methods derived from the ideas of Samuel Orton and Anna Gillingham. Instruction is multisensory, structured, sequential and cumulative and targeted to meet the needs of children diagnosed with a type of specific learning disability commonly known as dyslexia.

Personalized Lessons
Students accepted for admission attend two 50-60-minute tutoring sessions weekly. Sessions are oneto- one and are tailored to meet the needs of each child. Our instruction includes phonological awareness, phonics, reading fluency, reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, handwriting and written expression. Tutoring is scheduled on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during after-school hours and takes place on-site at our facility located at 79 Dutton Street at the edge of Lowell’s historical district.

The Campaign
Our mission at the Boston North Children’s Dyslexia Center is to dramatically change the lives of children with dyslexia at no cost to families. It costs $5,000 per student per year to realize this commitment, and we rely on your generous support to get us there. You can make a difference! Every donation brings a student struggling with dyslexia closer to achieving the skills and confidence they need to be successful. Donate Today!



Centers Spanning 13 States

Over forty Centers all working to make a difference in a Child’s life.

A Sponsored Education

Our Centers work hard to offer the best education at no cost to the student and their family!

Educator Certification

We offer expert education and certification in the Orton-Gillingham Method for anyone interested.

Contact the Children’s Dyslexia Center for admissions, upcoming events & sponsorship information.